Apps for recording GPS points

“I have downloaded your Deed Calls application and it works great. However, I am looking for an additional feature and I’m unsure which product will get me what I would like. I need to enter deed calls AND use the GPS to set points all in the same area. With deed calls, it seems to allow me to set the starting point with GPS, but after that, seems that I have to have the deed calls.”

The PickGPS function just grabs one GPS fix. This, in combination with the GPS that comes with the iPhone and iPad devices, which lacks accuracy, will not give you an accurate starting point for your deed plot. You will want to check the deed plot against the satellite map to see it is located approximately correctly.

The Deed Calls Pro app provides both the ability to create a deed plot and the ability to digitize points using PickGPS.

Our Forester GPS GIS III and Farming GPS GIS III for use with iPad devices and the iCMTGIS III and iCMTGIS PRO apps for use with either iPhone or iPad devices, provide the Deed Calls function plus a GPS Point data collection function that will let you record multiple GPS fixes at one location and compute the average position.

The accuracy of your work will still depend on the precision of the GPS receiver you use. Some of our customers use the Dual XGPS-150 or the Bad Elf GPS 2200 to get 2-5 meter horizontal accuracy. Other customers use high-precision GPS receivers (iSXBlue II+ GNSS and EOS Arrow GNSS) to obtain better position accuracy.


Wetland – Stakeout version 1.04 update (for iPad devices)

The Wetland – Stakeout version 1.0.4 has just been released.

This update adds the ability for the app to automatically populate the wetland Indicator field associated with the vegetation Species name that the user enters into the wetland data form. Instead of having to look up the Wetland Indicator Code each time the user enters the plant species, the user will prepare the plant lists in the proper format and import them once into the app. During data entry for a species in a stratum, the app will display the common name for the plant and automatically enter the Indicator Code. The app will also compute the result for certain fields in the wetland delineation data entry form.

A Note about the updated Wetland – Stakeout Report Form Templates

“I created a new job and opened up a wetland data form report template. In the new help PDF it states these entry forms have been enabled with a formula in the Indicator Field (I don’t see a formula there). When import my plant list the fields do not populate correctly and no indicator status populates.”

It sounds like you had an installation of Wetland – Stakeout before downloading the TestFlight version. If this is the case, then the templates are still the old ones. We have added the following information to the updated Help document with respect to how to “refresh” the wetland data entry form templates. If you have modified any of our sample report templates and wish to keep it, please make sure to rename it and also save a copy to your PC before proceeding.

To protect your report form templates, a Wetland – Stakeout app update will not overwrite any existing *.rtm files, including the sample report templates that we provide with the app. What to do if the sample report template files have been modified with an app update, as is the case with the version 1.0.4 update? How can you make use of the changed template files?

a) If you have not yet installed the updated app, first delete the existing sample *.rtm files or rename them. Then when you install the app, it will automatically copy the new sample template (*.rtm) files to the app’s Documents folder on the device.

b) If you have already installed the updated app, then there are a couple additional steps to take. First exit the app and delete or rename the existing sample template files. Then double-click the Home button and swipe the app screen up to close the app. Then hold down the ON/OFF button for a few seconds and opt to turn off the device. The next time you run the app, it will copy the new sample template (*.rtm) files to the device.

Deed Calls, Grid and Stakeout functionality for Windows

“We bought your DeedCalls Grid Stakeout software for my IPad. Beautiful, simple and functional program. My question: can you have it for Windows?”

We have a PC-GIS X software program for use on Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 that provides the Create Grid, Create Deed Calls and Navigation functions. Many of our customers use it to complete a map and print it to a printer or to a PDF or JPG file.

Our PC-MAPPER software program provides Create Grid, Create Deed Calls as well as GPS data collection and stakeout functionality. It is ideal for use on a Windows tablet PC, both in the field and in the office.

If you would like to try the PC-GIS DEMO program on your PC, please log on to Select “Downloads and Updates” then click on the PC-GIS DEMO link. The password for downloading and installing the demo program is:



Please log onto your desk-top computer as the administrator with full rights, and make sure there are no firewalls or any antivirus or anti-spyware programs that may interfere with the software installation. Should the installation stall for any reason, please try installing the software in Windows SAFE mode.

Context Help is provided for most functions. Under the Help icon in the PC-GIS DEMO program is a full on-line manual.

The DEMO program provides many active functions, and will let you import Shapefiles, but it will not let you export or save the data. It will let you create a grid over an Area Feature. The DEMO program does not provide the Deed Calls functionality, and some of the functions are disabled.

Missing GPS track

A Forester GPS GIS II user wrote:

“last couple times out in the field I find with GPS ‘ on’, Collect ‘on’ and Tracklog ‘ on ‘ I am NOT getting the usual visible track. . . . I messed about in the Coordinates, Patterns and Nodes and, for the MOMENT, it seeemmzz to be Working!”

If the color of the Tracklog line pattern was set to be the same as the background, then there would not be a contrast to make the track stand out. Another possibility is that an Area Feature Topic with low
transparency was placed above the Tracklog layer and obscured it.

How many species name can be included in Wetland – Stakeout?

“One question before I revise my plant list – the pdf instructions say the 2016 wetland plant list is too long to include in the APP. Do you know the number of species that can be included? Or, how many lines of text is the maximum?”

We do not build the entire plant list for all the regions into our app because we do not want to increase the size of our app and because the plant list changes periodically.

The app does not set a limit to the number of imported records. The limit is set by the available memory on your device.

The larger the list, though, the more time it will take to process the search. On an older iPad model, it may take a few seconds for the list to be displayed. A newer model, like the iPad mini, does not have this issue.

User replied:

“It took a while but I figured out what I needed to do to get the EMP Plant List into the new version.  . . . . . . . I used the APP to complete 3 data sheets and it worked great!”

Wetland – Stakeout TestFlight version

We now have a TestFlight version available for the Wetland – Stakeout app. If you are working with wetland delineation or need an app that will let you make your own customizable data entry forms, you might be interested in trying out the Wetland – Stakeout app for a short time. To request to be included in the temporary testers list of this app, please send an email to