I cannot mute the GPS sound in iCMTGIS PRO

Under Setup – Navigation Settings, you can turn off the Navigation Beep, the Featuring Beep, or both.

The navigation beeps provide an auditory confirmation that the app is connected to the GPS receiver and receiving position data. A two-note featuring beep is emitted with each GPS fix while you are actively recording GPS data.

There is also a Target Beep that you can switch on or off via GPS – Stakeout Setup. The Stakeout Setup screen will also let you turn the Navigation Beep and the Featuring Beep on or off.


Running PC-GIS 9 or PC-GIS X in Windows 10

Many of us have reluctantly upgraded our PC’s operating system to Windows 10. Some PC users were badly surprised when they found out that Windows 10 sneaked in without their being aware of it. Still others had to replace their PCs with new ones that come with Windows 10.

The current release of our PC-GIS 9 and PC-GIS X software programs are compatible with Windows 10. If you install an older release of PC-GIS 9 or PC-GIS X on your new PC, you may see an error message about missing a “rapi.dll” file. In fact, Windows 10 needs this file plus the ceutil.dll file. You can get these two files by sending an email to support@cmtinc.com to request them. Or, you could download the current installation package from our ftp file, which includes these two files.

PC-GIS 9 can work with the .pmp Job files and the .fbr Feature List files saved in iCMTGIS II and iGPSGIS II, while PC-GIS X is compatible with iCMTGIS III, iCMTGIS PRO, Forester GPSGIS II/III and Farming GPSGIS II/III. Shapefiles are interchangeable among all of the aforementioned apps.

If I purchase iCMTGIS PRO for my iPhone, can I also install it on my iPad?

Some of our apps were designed specifically for the iPhone or specifically for the iPad, but iCMTGIS III and iCMTGIS PRO were designed for use on both the iPhone and the iPad devices.

You can install your purchase of this app on your iPhone and iPad devices as long as your devices use the same Apple ID.

A related question:

“If I get a new iPhone in the future, will I be able to re-download and install iCMTGIS Pro on my new device without having to purchase it again?”

Once you have purchased the iCMTGIS PRO app, you can install it in any new iPad or iPhone device that you purchase as long as the devices use the same Apple ID.

Please note that our iOS apps are sold via the Apple App Store, and all purchases and installations are governed by Apple.


Do you offer a trial of iCMTGIS PRO app so we can test it and make sure it will support our workflow before purchasing?

Sometimes, before making a new release, we may provide a TestFlight version that you could install and test for a limited time if you provide us with the Apple ID for your device. The Apple TestFlight app can only run on iOS 8 or later. The TestFlight version will stop working at the end of the TestFlight period or when the official app update is released, whichever comes first.

Currently we do have an iCMTGIS PRO TestFlight version. If you are interested, please send us an email indicating your interest and also include the Apple ID for your iPad or iPhone device. Apple will use that Apple ID to email an invitation to you to try the software app.

Comment from a user trying out iCMTGIS PRO:
“Thank you very much for your emails answering my questions. Your product and your service is excellent. I tired and dropped 2 other mobile products, as they had neither a finished product, nor timely support (iGIS and GIS PRO).

I had success for my first trial of CMTGIS pro and have been learning the function using your manual and my ipad air2.”

iPhone app for mapping property lines

“I just purchased the Stakeout ICMT app for my iphone. . . . I thought this was the app that worked with your iPhone GPS to walk the property line. But from your email it sounds like there is another one. What is the app called? Is there any way I can get a refund for this app and purchase the other one?”

Stakeout iCMT can help you approach an existing Point or walk along an existing Line or Area Feature in the Job file. It assumes you can import or digitize the Features to get their coordinates.

You could, if you wish, use the Add Area Manually function in Stakeout iCMT and log nodes for an Area Feature by tapping the PickGPS button once every few seconds while walking your property boundary. However, this is not how GPS mapping is usually accomplished.

Our iGPSGIS II app for iPhone provides the GPS mapping capability. While you walk around the property, you can have the app automatically log a GPS node every second.

Please note that the accuracy of your work will depend on the precision of the GPS receiver you use. The built-in GPS in iPhone is not that great (unofficially, around 10 meters). Some of our customers use the Dual XGPS-150 or the Bad Elf GPS 2200 to get 2-5 meter horizontal accuracy.

As these apps are sold via Apple, please contact Apple App Store to inquire about switching out an app that you purchased recently.

Wetland – Stakeout update

Formula for Indicator Status

Formula for Indicator Status

The Wetland – Stakeout app has been updated to version 1.0.3.

A Find Where command has been added to provide a conditional search capability.

This command is particularly useful for wetland data entry as it allows the user to enter a formula and have the app search a plant list to retrieve and automatically input the indicator status corresponding to the species name selected in the Wetland data entry form.

If we do purchase it, is there a charge for future updates/versions of the app?

If the app name and version stay the same (such as iCMTGIS III), there will be no charge for update releases. There are no annual subscription fees of any kind.