Is it possible to get the lat and long coordinates for each corner of a property from the Deed Calls & Stakeout app?

Deed Calls & Stakeout will only let you digitize the First Node. If you wish, you could select each corner as the First Node then view its coordinates. Remember to turn on the Snap to Node mode so that the exact node will be selected. Also remember to re-select the original node to serve as the correct point of beginning.

The Deed Calls Pro app provides the ability to digitize Points, Lines and Areas. It will also convert the deed plot to an Area Feature. Then you can use the Feature Properties function to view the coordinates of each node. You will also be able to add the XYZ coordinates as Topic Attributes and have them displayed in Sheet View as well as have the corners labeled with the coordinates, if you wish.

Is there a way in PCGIS X to adjust opacity of a background layer so the collected data is not overpowered by the aerial ortho colors?

Yes. After you have loaded the aerial photo as a background image into PC-GIS X, double-click on the image. At the top on the right side you will see a Transparency slide bar. The transparency increases when you slide toward the right side. You could also access the Transparency function by right-clicking on the image to call up a menu.

Usually, one would drag the Background Map Topic layer below all the Feature Topics so it does not block the Features.

How to use a different node as the point of beginning for a deed plot?

“I have a question about closing a parcel in the IOS app Deed Calls and Stakeout. Is there any way to exclude a deed call from the enclosed area? The property description I’m working with starts with a distance from a section corner, thence another distance to a point of beginning. If I try to auto-close the area, the app includes the first two deed calls, and then the enclosed area looks like a square next to a triangle, where it should just be the square.”

The auto-close will always close back to the First Node. One thing you could do is to specify a different first node then remove a few unwanted calls.

Please first save your Job under a new name (such as test) so that you have a Job to experiment with while keeping your original Job intact.

Now, open the “test.dcf” job.

Tap the “Pick” button then tap the “Snap to node” icon at the top of the Pick Start Point screen. Then, tap on the actual point of beginning in the plot. Tap the Back button then write down the coordinates displayed for the First Node on the Feature Info page.

Select the Calls page. From the Call List, delete the first two calls and the last (closing) call.

Does the plot look correct now? Tap on the point of beginning and confirm that the coordinates are what you have written down previously.

Can I make use of MRSID files?

Some states, such as North Carolina, provide aerial imagery in the form of MRSID image tiles.

PC-GIS 9 and PC-GIS X can load MRSID files into Map View. It will let you convert the image into a .pim file, which you can load into iCMTGIS III or iCMTGIS PRO.

A geo-referenced image file is accompanied by a “world” file. With the SID images, the associated world file is the .sdw file. With geotiff files, the world file ends in .tfw. When downloading a geotiff or MRSID image, please make sure to download the associated world file to your PC as well. Also, find out which datum/coordinate system was used for creating the image file.

Then, you can use the “L” icon in PC-GIS 9 or PC-GIS X to load the image in the appropriate datum/coordinate system.

Is it possible to change the registration of iCMTGIS PRO from one Apple ID to another?

Our apps are sold via the Apple App Store. Please contact the App Store about this issue.

iCMTGIS PRO TestFlight version 11401 now available

We currently have a TestFlight version for iCMTGIS PRO available. If you or your colleagues are looking to try out iCMTGIS PRO for a few weeks, please email your request to Thanks.

Symbol used for representing recorded GPS Features

A customer reported that he had collected a number of points using iCMTGIS Pro and Arrow 100. Although the Topic in his Feature List have specific symbols assigned to them, the recorded points were displayed using the default blue dot symbol.

We have determined that this is a software bug in some of our apps. We will work on fixing this issue. In the mean time, you can click the “Pattern” button to select the desired symbol before storing data.