Is there a way to refresh a Feature position?

Recording a new GPS position for an existing Point Feature

Occasionally you might need to store a new position for an existing Point Feature and keep the same Feature Number and Attribute/Values. With those of our iOS apps that provide the Data Collection functionality, you can use the Update button in the Feature Properties screen to accomplish this.

With the existing Point Feature selected, tap on the Feature Properties icon. In the Feature Properties screen, tap on the Update button then proceed to record the new Feature.


Entering a Deed Call

“I have my property description with dms angles and I bought the deed calls app. I am having trouble figuring out how to use it. It looks like the description runs the opposite way the app lets me put in the calls.”

Before entering your property description, you would first set the Angle Unit to be DMS and the distance unit to be Survey Feet. Select “Bearing” for the angle system.

Did you enter the coordinates of the point of beginning? Please also enter the magnetic declination in the “Orientation” field.

When entering the deed calls, make sure to specify the correct bearing. If you entered E instead of W, that will cause the line to run in the opposite direction.

Drop-down menu for soil textures in Wetland – Stakeout app

“I am attempting to customize parts of a report. In the soil profile table I would like to create a drop down menu for soil textures. I have been able to create the drop down menu. When I go back to “Enter Report Data” and select texture; a dash now appears after all of the textures I entered. I tried changing the text length to the longest texture, and that fixed the issue for just those. The dash still appears in the shorter texts. What’s the best way to format this so that I can have a drop down menu for soil textures?”

The “-” is a separator required for separating the Comment from the Indicator.

If you complete the Comment field and the Indicator field, then the “-” should disappear.

Illegal character in Shapefiles name

“I am using the iCMTGIS Pro. It’s a point feature. I’ve gone through and made a new Feature as a test and was able to export it just fine, but for some reason this specific feature/topic I created will not export. Is it possible there is a glitch in the feature I created?”

The app is being used in an archeology application. The offending Feature Topic name has a “/” character in it. When you export a Feature Topic to Shapefiles, the Shapefiles takes on the name of the Feature Topic, and “/” is not a valid character for Shapefiles name.

Changing the “/” character to “-” resolves the issue. An underscore character “_” is also permitted.

“Thank you for helping me out….. We are using it to record site locations, and shovel test locations. In the past, we have used Trimbles but with all the new technology, it’s nice to be able to import our project areas onto aerial maps while in the field and be able to show our sites on those. As well as have the gps follow us on the aerial map. We are loving your app!”

Question about Feature List setup in CMT iOS app

“What’s the Feature Lock function on the top right of the Feature Editor tab? You can check or uncheck that option and really not sure what is that about.”

When the “Feature Lock” check box is marked, you can only select from the Features defined in the Feature List. When unlocked, you can add a new Feature Topic on the fly to collect data for it.

Which iPhone app for building fence dividing property in half?

If you have the latitude and longitude coordinates for the end points of the division line, you could use Stakeout iCMT to enter those points then create a line joining those two points. Then you can use the Line Stakeout function in this app to help you walk along this line and put in the fence.

If you need to divide the property in half, then you could get the Partition & Stakeout app. After digitizing the property boundary, use the Direction Cut function in this app to divide the property into two equal parts then put in the fence along the boundary line.

The accuracy of the placement of the fence will depend on the GPS receiver that you use. For accurate work, you will need to use a high-precision GPS receiver. The GPS receiver on your iPhone is not quite accurate.

Can a report sheet be edited outside of Wetland – Stakeout?

“Can the report sheets only be edited within the app or can they be exported in a format that can then be edited on a computer?”

The exported PDF reports can be edited by using a PDF editor, such as the Adobe Acrobat.

If you wish to change the report form layout, you can use the Design Report function provided by the app. Please save the report form under a different name before starting to change it. In case something goes wrong, you will still have the original report form intact.