Projection for exporting Shapefiles

“When exporting a shapefile from ICMTGIS II, is it possible to specify the projection of the exported file or will it always be in the same projection as the job?”

Shapefiles will always be exported in the currently active projection. You can switch to the desired coordinate system or projection before exporting the Shapefiles.


Is there a way to add the RTK solution type in the built-in attributes of iCMTGIS PRO?

“I am a land surveyor and having the solution type for each collected point is something very important (actually it is mandatory with my professional association) since this information is related to the precision/accuracy.”

The app provides setting for PDOP Mask, 3D only, RMS Limit and DGPS.

PDOP, 2D_3D, C_or_U, and 2DRMS values are available as built-in Attributes.

You can set the PDOP Mask, 3D only, the RMS limit, and mark DGPS (meaning DGPS only) to ensure that the data meets the quality requirement.

If you mark the DGPS check box, that means the app will only record data when it is DGPS. This is much better than logging the data and recording the GPS/DGPS status then later checking the data to see if it meets the requirement.

Similarly, setting the RMS limit and also have the app record the 2D RMS values as built-in Attributes will show your association the quality of your data.

As the solution type for each collected point when collecting data with a GPS RTK receiver/software combination is important for your professional association, we are working on adding it to the built-in Attributes list for the next release of iCMTGIS PRO. We will also add the RMS value to the built-in Attribute list so that it may be recorded along with the location data.

How to record GPS points using iCMTGIS PRO and Arrow 100

“We are focusing in how to collect data points to create a block then a series of blocks to create a ranch then transfer to software to make a ranch map. Can you help us understand it better?”

Here are the steps for recording GPS data using iCMTGIS PRO and the Arrow 100.

1. Pair your Arrow 100 with your iPad via Bluetooth.

2. Start iCMTGI SPRO and create a Job file by tapping the Main Menu icon then selecting Job – New Job. Enter the new Job name. If you are using a Feature List for collecting the Points, please select it for the Job.

3. In iCMTGIS PRO tap the Main Menu icon then select Setup. Select GPS then tap on the check box for Enable the external GPS. Select the Arrow Device then tap on the green check mark at the top to confirm.

4. Tap on the GPS icon then select Turn External GPS On. You should hear the navigation beeps.

5. Select GPS – Collect.

6. Tap on New then select (if Feature List is used) or enter the Feature Name. As you would like to collect Points then use them to create Areas, please select Point and Static. Enter the Time Session in seconds then tap the green check mark to confirm.

7. If you are using a Feature List, the Attributes will be displayed, and you can enter the Values. Stand still and tap the Store button to start recording GPS position. You should hear the featuring beeps.

8. Walk to the next point and tap Store again. When done collecting all the Points, tap on the Exit button.

9. To create the Area Blocks, first create an Area Feature called Block by using Topic Menu – New Topic. Select Area as the type of the Feature. Then, select the Tools Menu and use Add Area manually to join the points to form the Area Feature.

10. As you have the PC-GIS X software, you could simply transfer the .pmp Job file to PC-GIS X after collecting the Points. Then use PC-GIS X to form the Area Features.


Is iCMTGIS PRO app a one-time purchase?

“If we by the app, is it a one time buy? What happens if the account is lost with the employee? Can we transfer to a different iPad?”

The purchase of any of our apps is a one-time software license purchase. You will want to purchase it using your company’s Apple ID. Any iPad or iPhone using the same Apple ID can download the app to use.

Can we use the Arrow 100 with iCMTGIS PRO app with the PC-GIS X software?

Yes, iCMTGIS PRO is compatible with PC-GIS X and the Arrow 100. It can work with the Arrow 100 with the “Enable the External GPS” mode turned on or off.

Please keep in mind that the accuracy of your work depends on the GPS/GNSS device used. With free SBAS corrections, the Arrow 100 provides sub-meter accuracy.

Why is the Measure tool disabled during GPS data collection?

“The measure tool seems to be disabled while the GPS collect section is open. Why would that be? We are required to collect a point feature at most every 100m, so it’s convenient to use the measure tool while collecting data.”

Both the GPS data collection function and the Measure function make use of a temporary Topic to store temporary points. Having both functions active at the same time will create conflicts. Also, the Measure function in some of our apps permits the user to save the figure as a Feature, which might interfere with the Feature Topic for which the user is currently collecting data.

For collecting Point Features, there is an option to drop a point at a given distance interval. One possible workaround is to set the data collection to that mode and set the distance to be, say 95 m. After a point has been collected this way, user could highlight it then tap on the Feature Properties icon to “Update” the point coordinates by recording it with the proper session time. This Update window defaults to 20 seconds for the session time, regardless of the Feature List.