Property Dispute

“I would like to use you app to find our property line stakes. I have a plat map of my property. I have also found two marker Stakes on the property. Can you guide me to the correct app to go from my steaks with my cellphone and Mark all of my eight corners?”

Several of our apps provide the Deed Calls and Stakeout functions that can help locate stakes using a property boundary description containing bearing and distance information and the coordinates for the point of beginning.

The most economical app for your situation is the Deed Calls & Stakeout app. The iPhone GPS is not sufficiently accurate for you to establish new stakes, but you could use the following procedure to find your existing stakes.

Turn on GPS and the Satellite Map.

If you don’t have the LAT LON coordinates for the point of beginning, you could stand at the point of beginning and tap the Pick GPS button to get its coordinates. This will not be exact, as the GPS accuracy of the iPhone is limited.

On the First Node page, enter the local magnetic declination into the Orientation field.

Use the Calls Page to enter your deed calls and plot the property.

Under GPS, select Line Stakeout and select your plot as the Target.

Tap the Message tab to see how far you are from the property line. Move along the plot in such a way as to minimize the Range value.

When you get close to a corner, search for a stake. The accuracy of the GPS on your iPhone will determine the radius of your search area. This could be 30 ft (or 10 ft under favorable conditions).


Is it possible to build a Feature List externally?

“. . . I will be mapping stream habitat features and want to build a feature list with attributes for the mapping. Can I have multiple attributes for each feature? I would like to pick a feature (e.g. pool, riffle, glide, etc) and then have additional attribute fields that I can fill in with data such as width, depth, large woody debris and substrate. Is it possible to build a list externally and import it to a job?”

To answer your first question, yes, you can build a Feature List with multiple Attributes and user-defined Values to facilitate data collection.

In the iCMTGIS PRO app, you will tap on the GPS icon at the top then select Feature List and tap on New to create a new Feature List. You will add Pool, Riffle, Glide, etc. as new Feature Topics (“Feature”). Select Point type for points. If you are interested to get the length of the glides, for example, then select the type Line. For each highlighted Feature Topic, you can add the desired Attributes and assign the desired Values to the drop-down list. You can follow the example in the Help document to create your own Feature List. Afterwards, go back to the Job setup screen to select your Feature List to be associated with your Job.

It’s rather straightforward to use an iPad to create the Feature List. To answer your second question, we do have a PC-GIS X software program for use on a PC, which will let you create a Feature List that you can transfer to the iCMTGIS PRO. PC-GIS X will let you open Jobs created in iCMTGIS PRO to work with it further. It provides a nice Print Preview function to let you enhance the map (such as by adding the north arrow and scale bar symbols) then print it to PDF or printer.

Rapid Test bug reported for the Wetland – Stakeout app

“I’ve recently become aware of a small issue with Hydrophytic Vegetation Indicators section of the data sheets. The formula for the Rapid Test for Hydrophytic Vegetation appears to be incorrect. It seems to be ‘checking’ yes for situations in which the Rapid Test criteria has not been met.”

Thank you for reporting this issue. Indeed there is a bug in the formula for the Rapid Test. We will fix it in the next release of the app.

Landscape & Stakeout updated to version 1.0.3

Landscape & Stakeout 1.0.3 is now available for download from the Apple App Store.

This release will automatically save the Job data after you have added a Feature. Anytime you wish to save the Job data, you can still use the Job – Save function to do so.

iCMTGIS PRO updated to 1.0.8

iCMTGIS PRO Version 1.0.8 is now available for download from the Apple App Store.

This release fixed a bug reported by a user for Release 1.0.7: “It won’t access any of my files on icloud and just states it is downloading and will just sit there and never load.”

Using NGS Geoid file (*.bin) with iCMTGIS PRO

“I am trying to get the app to work with the ‘g2012bu3.bin’ file that I uploaded. I put the ‘g2012bu3.bin’ file in the icmgis pro documents folder on my Ipad and restarted the app. Initially the app referenced the ‘g2012bu3.bin’ file, but after I uploaded a ‘.shp’ file with my data the app went back to using the ‘built_in geo’ file. What am I doing wrong?”

It turned out that the location of the Features in those particular Shapefiles was outside of the area covered by the loaded .bin file. The issue was resolved after the user uploaded the matching .bin file.

iCMTGIS PRO updated to release 1.0.7

iCMTGIS PRO Version 1.0.7 is now available for download from the Apple App Store. This release has the following changes:

1. Added RMS value to Built-in Attribute List so that it can be exported.

2. Fixed the bug of not creating the .prj file when exporting to Shapefiles from the NAD83(2011) coordinate system.