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iCMTGIS II field data collection program was designed by Corvallis Microtechnology, Inc. to turn your iPAD® into a powerful professional GPS/GIS data collector. Let it help you record the data that you need and tag it with spatial coordinates and other relevant information. View the data on top of a background image in portrait or landscape mode. Send the data to your office so it may be put to use immediately.

iCMTGIS II is user-friendly and easy to learn. It is based on our proven Field CE GIS data collection program. Our experience with the satisfied users of the Windows-based and Windows CE-based CMT applications gives us confidence that the iCMTGIS II will help you increase your productivity as well. Please keep in mind that continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. iCMTGIS II lets you easily toggle the GPS function on or off.

Highlights of the iCMTGIS II Application Software:

  • Pre-define feature descriptions to facilitate data collection.
  • Display Apple Map or load a raster image prepared by PC-GIS for use as the background map.
  • Record the GPS location of Point, Line and Area Features.
  • Traverse a path or an area.
  • Label features with symbols, IDs and descriptions.
  • View Feature locations in LLA, UTM, or SPC coordinate system.
  • View Lengths, Areas & Perimeters.
  • Manually digitize Points, Lines and Areas.
  • Create a grid for your job site to perform sampling tasks.
  • Import/Export data in Shapefile format.

URL for iCMTGIS II software download: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/icmtgis-ii/id516124344?ls=1&mt=8

iCMTGPS II is compatible with the CMT PC-GIS PRO software, which was rated Number One in the June 2005 issue of the Journal of Forestry for the level of functionality at an affordable price. PC-GIS PRO includes the Forester’s Toolkit. Foresters, farmers, wildlife specialists and other land and natural resource managers can customize the Toolkit for their specific applications.

You may use PC-GIS PRO 9 on your PC or your MacIntosh (in PC mode) to prepare raster images for use with iCMTGIS. You may also use it to view and work with the data collected using the iCMTGIS. For example, you may geo-reference an Aerial Photo, do heads-up digitizing, link photo, video or voice recording to the features, manage supplemental data for the features, set up user-defined coordinate systems, split an area, create buffer zones around an area, print a completed map, save a map in PDF format, import/export data from/to Microsoft® Excel and Access files, or in ASCII, DXF, Shapefiles, and the native CMT PMP formats.

Education discount, dealer discount, quantity discount and OEM discount are available for the CMT Windows PC and Windows Mobile software products.

Email support@cmtinc.com to request a quick guide for iCMTGIS.

Visit http://www.cmtinc.com for additional information about the CMT products.

32 Responses to iCMTGIS II

  1. jorge ortiz says:


  2. Lwegenzya mathayo says:

    How to download in my ipad this program

    • cmtinc says:

      The iCMTGIS II is available at the iTunes App Store. You can follow these steps to purchase this app and download it to your iPad:

      1. From the Home screen of your iPad, tap the App Store icon.

      2. In the Search Store box, enter
      icmtgis ii.

      3. If you are sure you want to purchase this app, then tap on the displayed price and follow the screen prompts.

  3. Jay Nichol says:

    Do you offer licensing options? I work at a company and want the program on 4-5 ipads and 4-5 iphones. Do I need to buy a separate version for each install?

  4. Jay Nichol says:

    Shape files are not retaining Feature ID info. When I import my shape file into Road Eng (Terrain) for mapping and I try to turn on the Feature ID label it does not exist. the only option I get under my feature name is “default” and this just brings up the word default next to each station. If I use the Full Name or ID/SUB ID option it starts the numbering at 000 instead of the 001 that it does in the ICMTGIS II software so all my stations are 1 number out. I’d love some feedback on this issue.



    • cmtinc says:

      The Feature IDs are assigned by the iCMTGIS II app.

      The Shapefiles format does not provide for Feature IDs per se. The FID in Shapefiles are record IDs rather than Feature IDs. In other words, if you delete one of the Feature records, its FID will change.

      The FIDs are zero-based. That’s why your Road Eng (Terrain) software starts numbering the Features at 000.

      Are you able to label the Features using their Attributes in the Road Eng software?

      If so, you could add an Attribute field, such as ID_No, to your Topic layer in iCMTGIS II and enter the ID numbers via Sheet View. Then export to Shapefiles.

      If this method works, then add the ID_No Attribute to your Feature List you so may enter the ID while collecting the GPS data.

      Another thing to note is that Shapefiles use the .DBF format to store Attributes/Values and the field width limit is 10 characters.

  5. Jay Nichol says:

    Having an issue with features just randomly deleting themselves. I have a shapefile of a polygon as a background and that seems to stay no problems but twice now I have gotten back at the end of a field day and the points i have taken during the day simply disappear with no mention of the original shape files. I am saving the Job but I haven’t had a chance to export the new features yet as shape files. Is there any way to recover this data or stop this from happening?



    • cmtinc says:

      Hi Jay,

      We checked the app and did not see the reported issue.

      As your company is using multiple iPads running iCMTGIS II, we suspect this is due to sharing job files on iCloud using the same Apple ID. In this case, if two devices have the same Cloud job loaded, iCMTGIS II will reload the job when another device “Save”s the job.

      Unfortunately there is not a way to recover the points that have been overwritten.

      To avoid this from happening in the future, please store the jobs locally by un-marking the check boxes provided under Main Menu – Setup – iCloud. Alternatively, use a different Apple ID on each device.

      In the iCMTGIS II Help document there is a caution about running into a similar situation in the section “Store or Retrieve Files via iCloud Service” under “Manage Data Files.” This automatic synchronization of files having the same file name is required by Apple.

  6. Derek Bags says:

    Is there any type of demo for this application. I am considering purchasing the app but I would like to make sure it meets all of my needs before shelling out the $100 dollars.

    • cmtinc says:

      Hi Derek,

      Thank you for inquiring about our iCMTGIS II app.

      There is a beta-test version available for 13 more days.
      Please provide the email address that you use on your iPad and we can add it to our testers list. The iPad needs to be running iOS 8 in order to download Apple’s TestFlight app for using the beta-test app. After we have submitted the email address associated with your iPad, Apple will send you an invitation to do the beta-testing for iCMTGIS II.

  7. Beph says:

    Do I still need to use your other program to convert all Base Layers? This was ridiculously cumbersome. You should build the app to import directly from Dropbox or iTunes.

    • cmtinc says:

      Hi Bethie,

      Thank you for using iCMGIS II.

      If your base layers are Shapefiles, you can copy them to your device via iTunes then import them into iCMTGIS II.

      If they are raster images, then they will need to be converted to .pim files in order to work in iCMTGIS II.

      We will soon release iCMTGIS III, which will let you load .tif image files as background map. iCMTGIS III will import and export DXF files, KML files, Shapefiles and Excel files. It will export to GPXfiles.

  8. Dan says:

    Does the purchase price of iCMTGIS II include upgrades, e.g., to iCMTGIS III. If not when will iCMTGIS III be released and at what price? Thanks.

    • cmtinc says:

      Hi Dan,

      Currently there is not an upgrade path from iCMTGIS II to iCMTGIS III.

      We have submitted iCMTGIS III to Apple for review.

      iCMTGIS III will be listed at $194.99. It will provide the ability to load .tif files as background map for off-line use. It will also provide the Point Stakeout and Line Stakeout functions as well as text file import and export capability for Point Features. We will list the functions in the iTunes Preview when the app is released.

  9. Andrew says:

    Can I share a feature list between multiple ipads each with their own iCMTGIS II install?

    • cmtinc says:

      To share the Feature List, please use iTunes to copy the Feature List to your PC.
      Then use iTunes to copy the Feature List to the Documents folder for iCMTGIS II on each of the iPads.
      If you have a ftp server on your PC, you could use Job/FTP to do the file transfer.

  10. Jay Nichol says:

    Is there a known bug with the move topic option? I was able to get it tow work once. I had a closed polygon topic that I wanted at the bottom of the list so that I could select the line and point features on top of it. Now I can’t seem to do it again or on any of our other iPads. Is there a certain way you need to click on the topic to move it within the list?

    • cmtinc says:

      Hi Jay,

      With iCMTGIS II, please tap on the Topic Menu then select Move Topic. Then you can drag a Topic to a new position.

      iCMTGIS III employs a newer method. You’d simply hold down on a Topic and drag it to the new position.

  11. Jay Nichol says:

    That was what we are trying but just realized now that you need to drag the topic from the far right edge. If you click in the middle of the topic it will not let you drag it.

    • cmtinc says:

      If you look closely, you may see a faint handle on the right side of the Topics when Move Topic is active. 🙂
      We will add your observation to a blog post for the benefit of the others. Thanks for your comment.

  12. James Chemko says:

    I’m trying to share a feature list that I made off of one Ipad to another so that the data that we collect remains consistent with all four devices we are using. I realize that there is a way to do this but I’m having trouble identifying what the list would be labled as in the ITunes file sharing. I.E. pmp.dbf. etc. There are a couple files that I’ve noticed over the last few months labled cmtlin and cmtare would these be my feature lists?

    • cmtinc says:

      The Feature List file names have the extension .fbr.

      From the Feature List screen, when you tap the Save As button, you will see this .fbr file name extension.

      After saving a Feature List, you can use iTunes to copy the .fbr file from the Documents folder of your CMT app to a folder on your PC.
      Then you can connect iTunes with the other iPad copy the .fbr file from your PC to the Documents folder of the app running on this other iPad.

  13. Jay Nichol says:

    Has iCMTGIS II been tested with iOS 9.1 yet?

  14. Jay Nichol says:

    Has iCMTGIS II been tested with iOS 10.0.02 yet?

    • cmtinc says:

      Hi Jay,

      We ran iCMTGIS II on iOS 10.0.2 and did not see any obvious issue.
      Our apps do not make use of the 3D Touch and Peek Zoom.

  15. Addie says:

    Trying to decide over iCMTGIS Pro vs Esri Collector to use with Arrow 100 external receiver. Want to confirm that I can work offline. Can I demo the app to see if I like the workflow?

    • cmtinc says:

      Yes, you can work offline with iCMTGIS PRO. We happen to have a beta-test version of the next update of the iCMTGIS PRO app available via App TestFlight at this time. If you would like to try the iCMTGIS PRO app for a limited time, we could add your Apple ID to the testers list. Then Apple will email an invitation to the testers with instructions for downloading their TestFlight app and installing our beta-test app. The tester will need to have an iPad running iOS 8 or later to participate, and the email address needs to be the one  used for registering your iPad. The beta-test app will stop functioning and needs to be deleted from your device when the test period ends or when the software update is released, whichever comes first. If you are interested, please send your request and the email address for registering your iPad to support@cmtinc.com.

  16. Rachmat says:

    Im interested in icmtgis but likely would like to have beta version before installed to my ipad. Is it possible?

    • cmtinc says:

      Hi Rachmat,

      We have added you to our testers list for iCMTGIS PRO as we do not have a new TestFlight version for iCMTGIS II. iCMTGIS PRO provides many more functions than iCMTGIS II, but the main GPS/GIS data collection method is the same in both apps. Please read the Help document for iCMTGIS II to see which functions this app provides.

      As we are about to release the next update of iCMTGIS PRO, the TestFlight version for iCMTGIS PRO will be active for a limited time only. When you receive an invitation from Apple, please install their TestFlight app then install the iCMTGIS PRO TestFlight version to try.

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