Do I need to have GPS to use iCMTGIS?

If your iPAD has a built-in GPS, or if you are using an external GPS, then your current position can be displayed in Map View. When you record a Feature, its geographic location will be automatically recorded, and you can select the symbol to be used for the Feature as well as tag the Feature with Attributes.

Without GPS, you can still collect data by digitizing the Features on a background map or Shapefile. Default symbols will be used for digitizing Points, Lines and Areas. You may use the Feature Properties tool to assign a different symbol for the recorded Feature.

Unlike GPS data collection, you cannot perform feature attribution while digitizing the Features. However, if you have added one or more Attribute names for that Feature Topic, then you may enter attribute information for the digitized Features by using the Feature Properties tool (the icon showing a pair of spectacles).


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