You ask, “So what if you can use a GPS receiver to log the coordinates of a geographic location? What use is it?” Well, the story does not end here. When you record the GPS location using a GPS field data collection software program, you will also be able to record the name of the object that is being mapped as well as your observations about the object.  The objects mapped are referred to as  “Features”, which are used to build a Geographic Information System (GIS).  The power of GPS to precisely locate these Features and record their Attributes adds much to the utility of the GIS system.  

After you have recorded the Feature data, you would export it into a GIS system. During this process, a GIS “layer” is created for each Feature in the GPS job.  For example, the process of exporting a GPS job which contains data for House, Road and Lot Features would create a House layer, a Road layer and a Lot layer in the GIS system.  The full power of the GIS system can then be used to classify, evaluate, and print reports on the data.

If you use iCMTGIS or Field CE GIS to collect GPS data in the field, you can export the Feature data to PC-GIS, PC-GPS or PC-MAPPER to edit, classify, evaluate, and print reports on the data. In fact, PC-MAPPER is a complete field-to-office program that you can use to collect GPS data as well as perform GIS mapping and analysis.


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