What is a Feature List?

With GPS/GIS data collection, the primary interest is to log the GPS position and record the information associated with that location, be it a Point position, a Line Feature like a road or a river, or an enclosed Area.

The CMT GPS/GIS data collection software will let you specify the GPS data collection parameters as well as enter the descriptive information for the recorded geographic feature.

This field data entry process can be streamlined by the use of a Feature List.  The Feature List is a database that you can pre-define to contain the listing of the Feature Topics that you wish to map, the data collection parameters for each Feature Topic, as well as the associated Attributes for each Feature Topic.  In addition, you can define the list of your standard descriptions for each Attribute.  

When you use a Feature List with a job on the field data collection program, all you need to do is to select a Feature Topic for which to record data, confirm the data collection parameters, select the desired Attributes/Values then log the position. This minimizes the amount of information you need to manually enter, and ensures accuracy and consistency of the recorded GIS data.

The Feature List can be created on the CMT GPS/GIS  field application, or on a CMT PC mapping software program. 



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