Help Japan’s radiation data collection effort

On a recent NHK news report we saw that the officials in Japan are using pen and paper to write down the radiation intensity readings at the residences in Fukushima, Japan, due to the nuclear plant disaster. It will be much more efficient and accurate to record the needed information electronically and then transmit it to a central area for doing analysis, radiation reading contours or geo elevation mapping.

Field GPS/GIS data collection software such as FieldCE GIS for Windows Mobile PDAs,  iCMTGIS for the Apple iPAD and iGPSGIS for the Apple iPhone data collection systems are ideal for systematically recording the radiation readings as well as the associated information, such as location, date, time and the conditions of the surrounding area. 

There are many Apple iPAD and iPhone as well as Windows Mobile PDA users in Japan. This is a great opportunity for them to put their mobile devices to good use and help Japan with a systematic radiation data collection effort.


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