How to import Shapefile data into iGPSGIS

The icon on the left side at the top of the main screen in iGPSGIS is the Main Menu. To start working with iGPSGIS, first click on this Main Menu icon then tap on Job. Select Current Job then tap New to create a new Job.  Confirm the data you have enterd by tapping the green checkmark at the top.

Under Main Menu/Job, you will see the Import Shapefile option. Select that option then select the desired Shapefile to import.

If you don’t see any Shapefiles listed, that means you have not transferred any Shapefiles to your iPhone. You will need to synch your iPhone to iTunes and copy the desired Shapefiles to the Documents folder for the application on your iPhone. (Update: See also our 7/25/11 post.)

Please remember that Shapefiles actually consists of several files. Before using iGPSGIS to open a Shapefile, please make sure the .shp, the .shx, the .dbf, and the .prj file by the same job name are all present in the Documents folder for iGPSGIS.


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