A review of the iCMTGIS

At the Ubiquity @ Stanford web site there is a serious review of the iCMTGIS that covers some of its functions and also provides detailed data collection steps as well as screen captures. We recommend that you read Cengel’s post at the following link:

We would like to add a few comments here:

1.  There is a quick guide available for the iCMTGIS software. To request the PDF file, simply email us at support@cmtinc.com.

2. If Cengel had a copy of the iCMTGIS quick guide, we’re sure she would have set up a Feature List to facilitate the data collection process.

3. iCMTGIS also provides a Traverse function that lets you enter exact angle and distance values to locate a new point based on a known starting point.

Thank you, Cengel for sharing your experience of using the iCMTGIS.  Now, if we could only get you to visit this blog to continue the discussion . . .


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