How to import GIS data to iPhone or iPAD

Often it is desirable to import existing GIS data to the iPhone or iPAD to use as reference for collecting additional GIS data, or for updating the existing data with new observations.

A common way to do so is via Shapefiles, as discussed in a previous post, titled “How to import Shapefile data into iGPSGIS”.

Another way is to import the GIS data to the CMT PC-GIS 09 software program then save the job as a .PMP file and send it to the iCMTGIS or the iGPSGIS on your mobile device. PC-GIS 09 will let you import GIS data in a few popular data file formats, including Shapefiles, DXF files, ASCII files, XLS, GPX, etc. It will also let you export the data in these formats. If you need to use raster images on the iCMTGIS or the iGPSGIS, you can use the PC-GIS 09 to prepare these background map files. The user-friendly PC-GIS 09 has so many powerful features packed in it that  many new users wonder how they’ve gotten along before without it. Inquiries about education discount, quantity discount, dealer discount and OEM discount are welcome.


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