Can one control the auto-scrolling?

An iCMTGIS user performing aerial material spreading asks if it’s possible to control the automatic screen scrolling when the GPS tracker moves about on the map.

Because of the higher speed of motion involved, air-borne navigation and data collection do have special requirements.

For airborne applications, we recommend the CMT PC-MAPPER AI 4.0. This software will run on a Windows PC, notebook PC or tablet PC. It will let you set a margin for the Auto Scroll mode, and the GPS tracker will return to the center whenever it hits the margin. You can also set a margin for the Moving Map mode so that while the GPS tracker is within the specified margin, the map will stay still and not be constantly moving and reorienting itself.

PC-MAPPER AI provides a Digitizing Feature List to let you quickly record the observations while flying by the objects of interest, such as migrating birds. If you find that you can talk faster than making clicks on the screen, you could record audio observations and later use the Voice Playback mode to assign Feature attribution to the GPS locations logged .

Please click on the following link to see a demo video for the PC-MAPPER AI 4.0.


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