How to print a map from iCMTGIS or iGPSGIS?

The recommended way to print a map from iCMTGIS or iGPSGIS is to transfer the .pmp job file to a CMT mapping application, such as PC-GIS PRO, running on your PC, or on your Mac in PC mode. PC-GIS PRO provides a Preview/Plot function that lets you preview a map, add a title, display Feature Topic legend, and scale the map. It also provides a tool palette for you to add additional text or shapes. PC-GIS PRO will let you print the map to a printer or output the map to a .jpg file or a .pdf file.

If you wish to print a displayed map directly from your iPAD, iPhone or iPod Touch using AirPrint, you could capture the screen as a photo then follow the instructions at the following link to enable printing to a shared printer connected to your PC:

Please note that, in the text on the command line shown in the above post, there is a space after each “=” sign.

Also, the printer must be connected to the PC and be designated as a “shared printer”.


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