How do I create .pim images?

An iGPSGIS user wrote: “I love the iGPSGIS, we are using it for agricultural crop scouting applications. How do I create .pim images? Do you have a software available to do that. We have a lot of GeoTiff images we would like to use.”

As we have received similar questions from quite a few other iCMTGIS and iGPSGIS users, the answer bears repeating here.

iCMTGIS and iGPSGIS are two of several field data collection applications that can be used in conjunction with the CMT PC-GIS and PC-GPS desk-top programs. PC-GIS 09 will let you load the CMT Basemaps as well as raster images in various popular formats (such as GeoTiff, MRSID and ECW) and to convert them into .pim images for use by iGPSGIS or iCMTGIS. PC-GIS 09 also lets you easily perform GIS mapping tasks that are found in other much more spendy desk-top GIS mapping programs. In other words,

iCMTGIS + PCGIS 09 = GIS mapping system

iGPSGIS + PC-GIS 09 = GIS mapping system

To see how PC-GIS works with our Windows Mobile-based data collection portal, Field CE GIS, please go to, scroll down a little and click on the button that says: “Download PowerPoint Presentation PC-GIS PRO and Field CE GIS”.


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