All thumbs?

Sometimes it does feel this way when you’re pecking on the virtual keyboard or navigating your way through the various options provided by an iOS application, particularly when it comes to working with the iPhone or the iPod touch.

As they say, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” Now there are capacitive styluses available that let you point and shoot more precisely. Although the iCMTGIS for iPAD and the iGPSGIS for iPhone data collection apps were designed with human fingertips in mind, you may find that using a stylus offers better control. And it will look more professional to have a pen in hand than fumbling around with your fingers like a little kid.

As a case in point, load up the built-in Map in your iCMTGIS or iGPSGIS and try digitizing around an irregularly shaped timber stand to determine its acreage. To follow the outline of the timber stand closely, it helps to zoom into the map to blow up the details. Then it’s up to you to drop the nodes precisely on the perimeter of the timber stand. A capacitive stylus with a small tip will definitely be handy here.

When shopping for a capacitive stylus, it pays to read the other users’ reviews and find the one best suited for your own purpose.

Actually, you could make one for yourself by following the directions at this link.

In fact, a small fuse or the negative terminal of a AAA or a AAAA battery also works quite well for poking around on the iOS device if you hold it in your bare hand and let its flat surface come in contact with the screen.

The important thing is to remember to bring your stylus along and not to lose it. Well, if you did leave home without it, be comforted that you can still call your trusted fingers and thumbs to service although they will prefer to stay inside the warm gloves in freezing temperatures.


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