Where is the application document folder located?

The file organization for iOS devices is like a typical dish of Chinese food, for which the chef provides the combination of ingredients and condiments according to his/her idea of how the dish should taste. Unlike a slab of steak served to you, on which you may sprinkle salt and pepper sparingly or liberally as you please, you run the risk of offending the hostess if you attempt to adjust a Chinese dish she has prepared.

With an iOS device, the photos, music files and iBooks files must go to their respective folders, and all the other app files must go to the Document folder for the application.  You are not at liberty to create just any folder and direct your files there.

So, after synching your iOS device with your PC/MAC via iTunes, you should see a “Documents” tab or an “Apps” tab across the top of the screen. Click on that tab then scroll down to locate the application, such as iCMTGIS or iGPSGIS. You will then see the files that are stored in the Documents folder for your app, including the Shapefiles and the .pmp files. You can drag files into or out of this Documents folder. To delete a file, first highlight it then press the Del button on your keyboard. Always make sure you really want to delete a file before proceeding to do so.

Any screen-shots you took would have been saved into the Photos app on your iOS device. From the Camera Roll, PC users can export the photo files by emailing them to themselves. Mac users could synch with their photo files on the iOS device.


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