Setting up the Attributes for a Feature Topic

Previously (see article posted on 7/21/11), we created a new Feature List and defined the GPS  data collection parameters for two Point Feature Topics. Now let’s set up the data fields required for collecting the GIS data of interest.

First, tap on the “GPS” icon, select Feature List , then tap the “Open” button and select the file named ht.fbr. Tap the green check mark at the top to confirm the selection.

You should see our two Feature Topics: “Trees” and “Hydrants”, and the red highlight is on the “Trees” Topic.

To define the Attributes for the currently highlighted Topic, tap the Attribute tab at the bottom. The Attributes displayed are from the previous “Tree” Topic that we have renamed to “Trees”. The Attributes we want are: Street Name, Species and Size. Therefore, please highlight “Approx. Age” and tap the Delete button. Do the same for “Diameter”.

Now, tap the Insert button and enter “Street Name” in the Attribute field. Double-tap the field to call up the virtual keyboard. When done with entering the data, tap an empty spot on the screen to turn off the virtual keyboard. For the Type field, we will use the default “List” type.

Highlight “Species” then tap the Add button to add “Size” as the third Attribute.

Tap the Save button often to save your work.

The next step is to populate the list of Values for each Attribute. This will help tremendously with data collection because it will allow you to select from the list of predefined descriptions rather than having to type the description by hand every time you record a Point Feature.

To do so, first tap the Feature tab at the bottom to display the Feature Topics in ht.fbr. With the “Trees” Feature Topic highlighted , tap the Values tab at the bottom of the screen. Tap on Add then enter a street name, such as “Adams”. Repeat to add a few other street names. (You will find that it will be much easier to set up a long list of values by using the PC-GIS 09 software then transferring the Feature List to the iCMTGIS. PC-GIS 09 will also let you import and export the Feature List data in .DBF file format.)

When done, tap the Attributes tab and highlight “Species”. Tap the Value tab then add a few tree species, such as “Birch”, “Elm” and ” Magnolia”.

For the “Size” Attribute, define the Values “Tall”, “Medium” and “Short”.

Tap the Save button to save your work.

Tap the Feature tab at the bottom to display the list of Feature Topics in ht.fbr. Follow the above procedure to define the Attributes “Type” and “Condition” for the Fire Hydrant Feature Topic. For Type, define the Values “A” and “B”. For condition, define the Values “Pass”, “Maintenance needed”, and “Non-functional”.

Tap the green check mark at the top and confirm to save the Feature List and close it.


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