Expediting data collection

Using a Feature List for data collection speeds up the data input tremendously. You can take this one step further by specifying a default description for each Feature Attribute of interest.

For example, you’d probably expect most of the fire hydrants to pass your inspection. Therefore,  in the ht.fbr Feature List,  you would want to specify “Pass” as the default value for the “Condition” Attribute of the Hydrants Feature Topic. 

To do so, first open the ht.fbr Feature List . Highlight the “Hydrants” Feature Topic then tap the Attribute tab at the bottom. Select the “Condition” Attribute then tap the Value tab at the bottom. Tap the Default box for the Value “Pass”. Tap the Save button to save your selection.

If you wish to also set a default value for the “Type” field, tap the Attribute tab then select “Type”. Then tap the Value tab and mark the Default box for the desired Value.

The screen to the right shows the selection of “Medium” as the default Value for the “Size” Attribute of the “Trees” Feature Topic.

The default Values that you specify will automatically fill the data input field for data collection. While enjoying this convenience, please remember to select the appropriate description from the predefined List of Values when you encounter a Feature that does not conform to the norm.

Furthermore, if for instance you come to a street tree that’s not any of the predefined species, you could manually enter its species name into the Value data input field. However, if your GIS system cannot accept any species data outside of the predefined list, then you could lock the “Species” Attribute. The Attribute Lock box is located to the right of each Attribute. Activating the Attribute check forces the user to enter only those Values listed in the Feature List for that Attribute. This option prevents the user from entering unwanted or misspelled values.

Similarly, activating the Lock box for a Feature Topic will force the user to enter only Feature Topic names contained in the Feature List. This option prevents the user from entering unwanted or misspelled Feature Topics. If this box is not checked, the user is allowed to enter any Feature Topic name through the keyboard of the data collector.

Once you have completed the setup for the ht.fbr Feature List, you may associate this Feature List with any data collection job that calls for the same Features, Attributes and Values setup.


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