Starting a GPS/GIS data collection job

The assignment to inventory all the fire hydrants and street trees in a section of a city is but one of many job tasks you may be asked to do.  It’s advisable to keep the data collected for one project separate from that collected for a different project. This means that we should create a separate job file for each project.

To create the job file for our inventory assignment, let’s tap the Main Menu icon at the top of the main screen in iCMTGIS or iGPSGIS. Select Job then select Current Job.

Tap the New button then enter “ht” (lowercase) in the File Name field and clear the Prefix ID. I want to keep the job name short and sweet, but feel free to enter a longer name or accept the default file name, if you wish. This will be the name of your GPS/GIS job.

Tap the pull-down arrow by the Feature List field and select the ht.fbr Feature List that we created last week.

Tap the green check mark at the top to save and close the Job Setup screen.

If your iOS device comes with GPS, tap on the GPS icon then select “GPS On” to turn on the GPS function.  If you see “GPS Off”, that means your GPS is already turned on and you could tap that selection to turn the GPS off to save power when you are not actively using GPS.

When GPS signals are coming in and a position can be computed, you will see the GPS location marker displayed on the screen.

To use the built-in Map as the background reference for your data collection job, tap the Main Menu icon then select Map.

Zoom in or out to a comfortable scale for your data collection task.


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