Do the default descriptions work for digitized Features?

A user wrote: “We have been looking at the use of iCMTGIS for field data collection and like the ability of the program to quickly and easily collect data with custom built feature lists with preset attributes and values. I have noticed one downside with the feature lists that, if corrected, could save much valuable time. I share my experience in case you should wish to make a good program even better. Having the ability to use the default value checkbox saves quite a bit of time when collecting points by GPS. It allows the user to avoid clicking the drop down for each individual attribute, or worse, manually typing in the value for each attribute. However, if I place a point manually, even if I have set default values in the feature list dialog box, each attribute starts out blank and I must use the drop downs to select the value I desire. Admittedly, this does not take much time for a single point, however if I should wish to collect many data points, the time really adds up. What are the chances this could be fixed in an update?”

Although you can assign predefined attribute/values to a digitized point, the Feature List is mainly defined for and tied to the function for storing GPS data.

2/16/15 Update: A number of our newer GPS/GIS apps employ an enhanced Feature List that can also be used for adding descriptions to manually added (digitized) Features. If you have specified a default Value and its associated symbol in the Feature List, then that will be given to the digitized Features. Currently, this enhanced Feature List is implemented in Utilities Data Collection, Farming GPS GIS, Forester GPS GIS, Farming GPS GIS II and Forester GPS GIS II. It will also be implemented in iCMTGIS III to be released in the near future


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