How to view the collected data from Topic View?

To see a list of all the Feature Topics you have in the currently active job file, tap the Topic View icon at the upper-right corner of the screen.

After you have selected a Topic from the Topic View, then when you tap the Sheet View icon, the Sheet View will be displayed for the selected Topic.

Please note that the Feature Properties icon only applies to individual Features. It has nothing to do with the Topic View.

If you wish to change the Attribute assignment for a Topic, first select that Topic in Topic View. Then call up the Main Menu and select Topic. Now, select Edit Topic to display the Topic Editor screen. You may add a new Attribute at the end of the list of Attributes, insert a new Attribute before the highlighted Attribute, or delete an Attribute.

Caution: Always make sure you really want to delete an Attribute before confirming the Delete action.


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