Can iCMTGIS be used to help make orienteering maps?

An iPAD user proposes to use iCMTGIS for an interesting application.

“Seems like your application has the potential for mapping of orienteering maps. They are typically made by volunteers on top of aerial photos or laser-scanned curves but bringing an ipad into the terrain for the mapping/evaluation process would really be a huge step forward. Do you think it, as a help in this process, would be possible to import the standard IOF-symbols as a feature list?”

This user also mentioned that some files with the IOF-symbols can be found at the link to British Orienteering

Have you had experience with orienteering activities? Are you a volunteer helping with making the orienteering maps?

It seems the larger screen of the iPAD is well suited for preparing an orienteering map. You can use iCMTGIS to map out the trails, land forms, man-made features, woodland and bodies of water along with relevant notes.  If you have used PC-GIS 09 to prepare a geo-referenced raster image for use by iCMTGIS, then you could also digitize the known landmarks on the background map.

The International Orienteering Federation (IOF) uses a set of special symbols to represent the orienteering control descriptions. These symbols are available in true-type font files. As PC-GIS 09 will work with true type font files for Point Features, you can incorporate the orienteering symbols in a custom symbols library. Then these symbols can be assigned to points on the orienteering map.

This article by Paul Frost shows you the procedure for downloading and installing the 2004 IOF font file. As the set of symbols has changed over the years, you should look for and download the latest IOF font file to use.


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