How to tag a digitized point with attributes?

The digitizing functions in iCMTGIS and iGPSGIS permit you to quickly add Points, Lines or Areas onto Map View.

To be able to assign descriptions to the points that you have digitized manually, you must first add the Attribute Names for the Point Feature Topic, if you have not already done so when creating the Topic.

To set up Attribute Names for a Feature Topic, tap the Main Menu, select Topic then select Edit Topic. Select an existing Topic  Name, such as “Corners”.

Tap the Add button to add a new Attribute, such as “ID”.  Tap the green checkmark to return to Map View.

Now tap the Feature Properties icon (showing a pair of spectacles) then tap the Attribute button. For each listed Attribute you may double-tap the corresponding Value field and add or change the displayed value. If you wish to stay in the editing mode then tap the eyeball icon (View mode ) to switch to a pencil icon (Edit mode).

If you manually digitized a Feature into a Topic that was set up in a Feature List, then the Attribute fields assigned to the Feature Topic will be displayed.


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