Export Shapefile from iPAD

The geographic Features that you have logged or digitized by using the iCMTGIS application can be exported in Shapefile format.

Each Feature Topic will be exported as a separate Shapefile. In general, it is not a good idea to mix different Feature types in the same Topic. For example, you want to keep the Point-type Topic for the fire hydrant Features and the Line-type Topic for the road Features as separate Topics. In iCMTGIS, PC-GIS 09 and a few other GIS application software programs, each Feature Topic is placed on a separate map layer. This makes it possible to define an Attribute database that is relevant to all the Features in the same Topic.  It also allows you to easily apply an action to the Features on the same layer as a group.

iCMTGIS will let you select one or more Topic layers to export. For each Shapefile, you will get several output files. If you just want to import one of these Shapefiles into a new map in iCMTGIS, all you’ll need to do is to select the name of the Shapefile for the Import function.  On the other hand, if you wish to import the Shapefile into a desktop GIS application, such as PC-GIS 09, you will need to transfer the .shp, the .shx, the .dbf, and the .prj files by the same job name to your desktop to make them available for the desktop GIS application.


4 Responses to Export Shapefile from iPAD

  1. Will says:

    Is ti possible to export from IGPSGIS to a shapefile?

    • cmtinc says:

      The free iGPSGIS 1.0.0 for iPhone does not provide the function to export shapefiles. It can only save the job in .pmp format.

      On the other hand, iCMTGIS 1.2.6 for iPAD does provide the shapefile export function. If you have an iPAD with iCMTGIS installed, you could transfer the .pmp file to iCMTGIS then export the data in shapefile format.

      Alternatively, you could purchase the PC-GIS 09 software, which will open the .pmp file and let you export the data in various formats (shapefiles, Excel, ACCESS, etc.).

  2. Corri Silveira says:

    I have icmtgis for iPad, and saved a job, but when the ipad is plugged into my PC and I try to export the .shp file, it says: trees.shp already exits. Do you want to replace it? Is it just exporting it to my iPad again? I need them on my PC.

    • cmtinc says:

      The Shapefile export function will send the shapefiles to your iPAD. To move files between your iPAD and your PC, first use iTunes to synch the iOS device with your PC. Then you can copy the Shapefiles from the “Documents” folder for iCMTGIS and your PC.

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