How to create a grid?

If you will be sampling data at evenly spaced intervals in an area then you could create a grid to serve as a data collection guide. You can use PC-GIS 09, iCMTGIS or iGPSGIS to set up the grid.

This video demonstrates the procedure using one of the CMT PC software.

You may set up a regularly used grid configuration as the default grid. To do so, touch the Main Menu icon, select Setup then select Default Grid.

Enter the desired grid orientation.

Specify whether you want grid nodes or grid lines generated. You may have the grid nodes or lines generated in one or both directions.

Enter the grid spacing in the X and Y directions.

To place a grid over an Area Feature, first highlight that Area Feature then pick the Zoom icon and select Create Grid. You may change the default grid parameters as appropriate before confirming the information in the grid setup screen.

To avoid confusion, it’s best to just keep one grid for an Area Feature. To delete the extra grids that you don’t need anymore, first tap the  Topic View icon and select Non-spatial Data. Then tap the Sheet View icon,  select the unwanted grid then tap the recycle bin icon. Please keep in mind that the first record is the newest grid.


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