iGPSGIS and iCMTGIS use lower case for file names

File names on the iOS are case-sensitive, and the iGPSGIS and iCMTGIS apps use lower case for  file names. If you have created a .pmp file in PC-GIS 09, or if you have a set of shapefiles on your desktop computer, please make sure the file names are in lower case before transferring the files to your iGPSGIS or iCMTGIS. If a file name in the application document folder on iTunes is not in lower case, you can double-click on it then edit it to be lower case.

Similarly, the user_cor.sys and user_pla.sys files pertaining to user-defined coordinate systems must be in lower case for iGPSGIS and iCMTGIS to use them.

Please note that whenever you restart your iGPSGIS or iCMTGIS application, all the file names in the app document folder will be automatically changed to lower case. The procedure for restarting the iOS app was described in our 8/24/11 blog post.


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