How to get a .PMP job file into PC-GIS DEMO or PC-GIS 09?

The .PMP job files you save with your iGPSGIS or iCMTGIS are stored in the Documents folder for the application. 

To access the .PMP job files, first synch your iOS device with your PC/MAC computer via iTunes. You should see an “Apps” or “Documents” tab across the top of the screen. Click on that tab then select your app, such as iCMTGIS or iGPSGIS. Then scroll down to see the .pmp files that are stored in the Documents folder for your app. Drag your .PMP job file from this Document folder to the PCGISDEMO folder or the PCGIS09 folder on your PC/MAC.

Then you will be able to use PC-GIS DEMO or PC-GIS 09 to open the .pmp job file and work with it.

A purchase reminder will pop up in PC-GIS DEMO from time to time. You can drag it to the side to continue working.

PC-GIS DEMO contains many active functions but it will not let you save your job files or prepare a .PIM image file for use on your iOS. You will need to purchase the PC-GIS 09 software program to perform these functions.


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