What’s the No Offest button for?

At the bottom of the Collect screen there is a No Offset button. This option will let you log GPS data for an inaccessible Feature and have its position computed based on the offset information.

For example, if you need to record the central line of a busy road, you would want to walk along the sidewalk while logging the Line Feature. In this case, you will tap the No Offset button and select Left or Right to enter the distance from the sidewalk to the central line.

For recording an inaccessible Point Feature, iGPSGIS and iCMTGIS will let you log the GPS data at a convenient location and enter the slope distance, the azimuth and the slope as the offset. If the actual Point Feature is at the same elevation of the GSP receiver, then slope = 0, and the slope distance is the same as the horizontal distance. The azimuth is the angle between the north direction and line going from the GPS receiver to the Point Feature.

When there is data in the Edit Offset screen, the button will be labeled With Offset. When you view the data in the Feature Properties screen, you can edit the offset information.


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