Can I use my own aerial photo as background image?

Your own aerial photo in the form of a JPG or TIF image file has most likely not been geo-referenced. This means that the GIS mapping software will not be able to place the aerial photo at the location that it represents.

PC-GIS 09 will let you register the location of the aerial photo based on a number of reference points. Essentially, you will match the reference points with known coordinates to the corresponding points on your aerial photo, and PC-GIS 09 will register this information and permit the photo to be displayed at the proper location on the GIS map screen.

Please click on the link for the Geo-referencing DEMO on the right side to see how this is accomplished.

After the aerial photo has been geo-referenced, you may load it into PC-GIS 09 then convert it into a .PIM file for use with iCMTGIS or iGPSGIS.


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