How to bring a Feature into Map View?

By default, iCMTGIS II and iGPSGIS II will display all the Features of all the Topics in the Map View. What if you have a whole bunch of Topics and/or Features in a job, and want to zero in on a particular Feature or a group of Features in Map View?

One thing you could do is to call up Topic View and turn off all the topics except for the one containing the Feature(s) that you are looking for. Then tap on the zoom-fit button to spread out the Features across the Map View. It helps to have the Feature labels turned on.

Another way is to select the Topic of interest then tap the Zoom to Topic button. All the Features in that Topic will be fitted to Map View.

If you know the Feature ID, you could select the Topic then select Sheet View. Scroll to find the record for that Feature then tap on that record. The corresponding Feature will be highlighted in Map View.


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