Handy apps for iPAD, iPhone, iPod touch

CMTINC.COM endeavors to produce reliable apps that serve as effective software tools for increasing productivity in specific tasks. Our engineers pay attention to your comments because they know your feedback and suggestions will help make a good product even better.

We plan to introduce a few additional handy apps in the near future. For example, we are working on a Grid – Distance – Area app that will let you easily digitize an area and create a grid of squares or rectangles of the specified dimensions. You may choose to have Grid Points automatically generated at the grid nodes, or you may choose to have Grid Lines displayed on the mesh. Foresters could use the Grid Points as the prism points for timber cruising, farmers could take soil samples or measure pH, and scientist could measure air or water content at these points. The coordinates of the Grid Points will be saved into a PDF file. You could enter the coordinates into navigation software to help you locate the points. The coordinates will also be saved in a file format for use with our planned Stake-out app to pin-point the locations.

In some states you are required to keep a buffer zone along a creek or a river, in which no trees may be harvested and no active farming may take place. You may wish to stake out the boundary of the buffer zone and calculate the area of the buffer zone to claim a tax credit. We will introduce a Buffer – Distance – Area  app that will help you do that using your iPAD, iPhone or iPod touch. The distance and area  measurement tools are included because one could always find a use for these functions.


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