The disappearing act

A user reported that he was unable to use the Shapefiles that he had copied to the iCMTGIS II Document folder via iTunes. When he went to Import Shapefiles, the Shapefiles were not listed in the File Dialog. Interestingly, his co-workers in the same office using iCMTGIS II were able to see and import the same set of Shapefiles.

What happened was that iCloud storage was selected for the “Job” option under Menu/Setup/iCloud in this user’s iCMTGIS II. This means that the folder for loading and saving the .pmp files and the Shapefiles would be on the cloud. Therefore the app would attempt to look for the files in iCloud, which is not where the user’s Shapefiles were stored.

Unmarking the iCloud storage setting will permit the app to look for the Shapefiles in the local iCMTGIS II Document folder.

Alternatively, if you have transferred files into the app’s Documents folder via iTunes, you could move those files onto cloud by selecting the MainMenu\Setup\iCloud function and tapping “OK” button. In this case, the files will be removed from the local folder.

By the way, there is an “on Cloud” checkbox on the “Email File” and “FTP” dialogs.  If this is marked, the program will list the files that are stored on the cloud.


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