Buffer – Distance – Area app released

If you’ve been looking for an inexpensive way to calculate the area of a riparian zone to help you figure out the tax credit for the unfarmed area, check out the newly released Buffer – Distance – Area app.

Buffer – Distance – Area will work on the iPAD, iPhone and iPod touch. It will let you quickly digitize a Line or Area Feature and create one or more buffer zones around it. A river bank could be represented by a Line Feature, and any enclosed region, such as a farm plot, a timber stand, an airport or a military base, could be represented by an Area Feature.

If your device has GPS capability, you could pick the GPS position as a node for the Line or Area Feature, which can be displayed on top of the built-in Map. The line segments of the Line or Area Feature will be labeled with distances and directions.

You have the option to create left buffers, right buffers or buffer strips. You may also digitize sub-areas or other regions of interest on the displayed map to view the outline and area information.

The buffer areas reported by the app could help you estimate the amount of fertilizers to apply on a farm plot, the amount of work needed to mow inside and outside a large fenced complex, or how much support to summon and dispatch to dig the fire ditch around a burning forest.

The drawing of the Line or Area Feature and the Buffer zones can be output to a PDF report along with the coordinate data as well as perimeter and area information. The data files may be emailed to other users.

9/29/14 Edit: This app is no longer available. Please look at the Buffer & Stakeout app instead.


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