What to do when GPS is not available

The TRAVERSE function in iCMTGIS II and iGPSGIS II is a tool that lets you continue mapping multiple Point Features when a good GPS signal is not available.

To use the Traverse function you will first establish a reference point. This could be the last GPS point logged, or any Point Feature in the job. The new points will be created based on slope distance, slope and azimuth information for the imaginary straight line going from the reference point to the new location.

You could use the Side mode to do multiple “side shots” from the same reference point. For example, after logging a GPS point outside of a cave, you could use that as the reference point and take distance and angle measurements to the artifacts you’ve discovered inside the cave. Enter this information into the Travers Side data fields and the locations of the artifacts will be recorded in your job file.

Or, you could use the Traverse mode  to traverse to a new point that will then be used as the reference point for the next traverse point. This method can be used for storing vertices for lines or area boundaries.


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