Grid- Distance – Area app released

Create Grid Points over a digitized area

For those GIS users who just want to have a set of grid points or grid lines created on their iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, the new Grid – Distance – Area application provides an economical solution. This app will let you digitize an Area Feature, view its area and perimeter, and create grid points or grid lines over that area. Foresters could use the grid points as the prism points for timber cruising, farmers could take soil samples or measure pH, and scientist could measure air or water content at these points.

As most GIS users are interested in digitizing a shape on a background map and viewing its area or length, the Grid – Distance – Area app also provides these capabilities. Its main functions are:

  • Digitize Area Feature over the built-in Map
  • Use GPS location as a node
  • Create Grid Points or Grid Lines based on user-specified spacing and orientation
  • Measure Distance between successive taps on the screen as well as the total distance
  • Display Area of a region delineated on the screen
  • Display line segments with angles and distances
  • Email the grid file
  • Save the drawing to a PDF file

This app is now available from the iTunes App Store.


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