Do you have an iPad app for rural asset surveys?

Our general-purpose iCMTGIS II GPS/GIS data collection app in conjunction with PC-GIS PRO is well suited for rural asset surveys. (If you don’t mind the much smaller screen, you could as well use iGPSGIS II for the iPhone to do the asset survey.)

Following are some common requirements for rural asset surveys:

1. As Wi-Fi network access may not be available, user will need to be able to preload Shapefiles for existing structures.

You can import Shapefiles for the existing Feature layers into iCMTGIS II.

The data files are stored in the Document folder for the app, which can be accessed via iTunes. You would use iTunes File Sharing to copy the Shapefiles to the iCMTGIS II Document folder. Then you will be able to import the Shapefiles into a job map in iCMTGIS II.

2. User will need to be able to preload a geo-referenced background map for use in the field.

You can use PC-GIS PRO to convert raster images (Geotiff, GeoJpeg, MRSID, ECW) for use on the iCMTGIS II. You would use iTunes File Sharing to copy the .pim image files to the iCMTGIS II Document folder. Then you will be able to import the background map into a job in iCMTGIS II.

PC-GIS PRO can also be used to view the job map, modify it and print it out.

3. At each structure, user will want to be able to characterize the assets that are associated with that structure using a built-in Attribute database plus free text fields.

You can set up a Feature List for the assets with the desired Attributes and pre-defined Values. You can also set up one or more Attributes with Values that are free text fields. (See example below.)

The built-in GPS on the iPad will help you confirm that you are positioned at the structure.

4. The result must be exportable to Shapefiles.

iCMTGIS II has Shapefile export functionality.

Each Topic layer will be exported as one set of Shapefiles.

You will use iTunes to copy the exported Shape files from the iCMTGIS II Document Folder to your desk-top computer for use by other programs.


Here is an example of how you might set up a Feature List and collect data for asset surveying.

Suppose you wish to survey the water tanks and the flood lamps at Plant A and Plant B. You might set up a Feature List containing two Point Topics by using the following structure:

Feature Topic             Attributes    Values

Tanks                               Location         Plant A, Plant B

Asset #           AWT001, AWT002, etc.

Condition      Good, Re-paint, Leaks


Lamps                              Location         Plant A, Plant B

Asset #           AFL001, AFL002, etc.

Condition      Good, Change bulb, Repair


If you will be logging GPS position at each asset then specify the number of seconds you will be occupying each asset to collect the coordinate data.

The Feature List might be saved under the name: ASSETS

Create a New Job and specify ASSETS as the Feature List to use for this job.

1. If you will be logging GPS position at each asset, then tap on the GPS icon, and use the Collect function to record the GPS position. Tap on Attribute at the bottom of the screen to describe the asset using the pre-defined Values and optionally enter your comment. Tap the Store button near the top of the screen to record the GPS position.

2. Alternatively, you could simply digitize the assets and record their properties. To do so, first tap the Topic Menu icon then create a New Topic named Tanks, and another New Topic named Lamps. Tap the Topic View icon to display the Topics. Select the Topic that you will be working with, such as Tanks.

Now select Add Point manually and tap on the location of the asset on top of the polygon representing the plant you are at to digitize it. Make sure Sheet View is turned on so you may enter the descriptions for the asset you have digitized. (The Sheet View toggle is located at the upper-right corner of the screen.) To enter the asset description, first double-tap on the Feature Record in Sheet View to call up the Properties screen then tap the Attribute button to select or enter the description.

To record a different type of assets, such as Lamps, tap the Topic View icon to display the Topics then select Lamps before digitizing the flood lamps.

3. You may use Topic Menu -> Auto Label and select the Attribute with which each asset will be labeled on the screen.


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