Apple Maps replace Google Maps in iOS6

As Apple dropped Google Maps and released its iOS6 operating system with an Apple-made maps service, future releases of the CMTINC.COM apps will employ Apple Maps instead of Google Maps as the default background map.

When Wi-Fi Location Service is available on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch device, currently you can turn on or off the Google background map under Google Map. In the next update of iCMTGISI II and iGPSGIS II you will turn on or off the Apple background map under Map.

For those of you who have upgraded to iOS 6 and are unable to find the Location Service setting, it is now placed under Settings/Privacy.

By the way, have you updated your Internet Explorer browser for your PC to fix a serious security issue that cropped up recently? If you’ve set your PC to get automatic downloads then you should be fine. Otherwise, go to, select Downloads to fetch and run the proper version of Internet Explorer for your PC.

To check if your Internet Explorer browser has been updated, go to the Control Panel for your Windows and select Add or Remove Programs. Mark the checkbox at the top for “Show Updates” then scroll down to find the date for the latest update for Internet Explorer.


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