Can I edit the .dcf file for Deed Calls – Area -Perimeter?

The *.dcf files created by the Deed Calls – Area – Perimeter app are text files that can be modified by using a text editor.  

This means that you could edit the .dcf file to change the initial node location or the calls instead of using the app to edit the deed calls records. If you wish, you could even create a new deed calls file by following the format of the .dcf file and open this file in the app to have it draw the figure for you. The procedure of directly editing a .dcf file should only be attempted if you know what you are doing as you could unintentionally mess up the data. You could try it out by creating a simple figure and saving the .dcf file to play with.

To edit a .dcf file, you will need to first copy it to your office computer. Save an additional copy of the .dcf file under a different name just in case you mess up and need the original data back. Then use a text editor to make the necessary changes and save the file. You can then add the modified file to the Document Folder for the Deed Calls – Area – Perimeter app and confirm to overwrite the original .dcf file. When you open the .dcf file, you should see the changes reflected in the drawing on the screen.


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