How to accurately place a node in a GPS/GIS app for iPad and iPhone

In an earlier blog we talked about making use of a capacitive stylus to increase the accuracy of tapping on the screen of an iOS device.  With respect to selecting function icons or pecking on the on-screen keyboard, the article at this link provides a few additional helpful tips. 

Our main concern, however, is the ability to pin-point a location or precisely digitize a Line or Area Feature on a background map. Zooming in as much as feasible will help increase the accuracy of the tap of your fingertip or your capacitive stylus. Yet, this takes extra effort and breeds frustration when you still miss the bull’s eye.

The Area – Distance app that we will soon release will provide a method to let you manually drop a node with high precision. This means you will be able to digitize precise lines and area boundaries and obtain more accurate distance and area measurements. A Move Node tool will also be provided for adjusting the position of an existing node. In addition, you will be able to create a point by entering its coordinates. Fat finger tips will not be an issue anymore.

We know that  iGPSGIS II and iCMTGIS II users would also love to have a handy tool for zeroing in on a pin point while digitizing. Therefore, we will add this tool to these GPS/GIS apps as well later.

Software development is a continuous process. Even after releasing an app, we still continue to try to improve software stability and functionality as well as user-friendliness. Please send your comments and software enhancement requests to We are all ears as we know there is always room for improvement.


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