Land partition app coming soon

The problem:

A farmer has an irregularly shaped piece of land into which he wants to put three different types of row crops. Each crop is to occupy the same amount of area and the rows are to run in a north-south direction. Essentially, he needs to have his property divided into three equal parts, with the division lines going in the north-south direction. This would be a no-brainer if, for example, the property were a rectangular shape sitting squarely with the short sides parallel to the north-south direction. But this is not the case.

Direction Cut – Multiple

The solution:

CMTINC.COM will soon release the Partition – Distance – Area app, which will let you precisely digitize a timber tract, a land parcel, a campus or any other real property over the built-in Map and divide it into sub-areas. This app provides a number of methods for dividing up an area: Direction Cut, Hinge Cut , Split-Line.For our sample problem, the farmer would use the Direction Cut method. He would first digitize his farmland to get an Area Feature and view its acreage, such as 100 acres. Then he would specify a bearing of N 0º E and a Cut Area of 33.3 3 acres in the Direction Cut data input screen. Voila! When he taps the Solutionicon, the three plots with equal acreage are automatically generated.

It gives our software engineers great satisfaction to provide our customers with useful apps in diverse fields of application.  Through continued software enhancement and improvement we have earned the respect of many loyal customers who are happy to spread the word about our powerful and user-friendly software products. If you have any comments or software enhancement requests, please email them to


9/29/14 Edit: This app is no longer available. Please look at the Partition & Stakeout app instead.


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