Partition – Distance -Area app released

Digitizing the Split-Line

We have just released the Partition – Distance – Area software application for use on the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. This app will let the farmer, forester or real-estate planner precisely digitize a land parcel, timber tract, a campus or any other real property and easily divide it into the desired sub-areas. It also comes with functions for measuring distances and acreages. If your device has GPS capability, you may record the GPS location as a Point, or pick the GPS location as a node for the Line or Area you are creating. You may email the job data file (*.pmp), or output the coordinates and drawing as a PDF file.

The Partition – Distance – Area app will let you perform the following tasks:

* Precisely digitize Points, Lines and Areas over the built-in Map.
* Sub-divide an Area by Direction Cut, Hinge Cut or a digitized Split-Line.
* View position, length and area values for the Features.
* Label the drawing with segment lengths, directions as well as corner angles.
* Label the Areas in acres and square feet or hectares and square meters.
* Measure distances and areas without saving the shapes.
* Move existing nodes to fine-tune the map drawing.
* Create Points from entered coordinates.
* Create a Point or record a node by picking the GPS location.
* Save the job data file for later use.
* Output the drawing and the coordinates to PDF.
* Email the job data files and the PDF files to your colleagues.

This app comes with a detailed built-in help document. It is available from the App Store .

A couple screenshots from the iPad can be seen here.

9/29/14 Edit: This app is no longer available. Please look at the Partition & Stakeout app instead.


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