I’m looking for the best software like ArcPad that is able to work without wifi and 3G, for geological mapping. I’d like to work with shape files, raster images, create and save shape.

The complete solution for your mapping application is iCMTGIS II for the iPad2 and PC-GIS 09 for your PC or Mac.

iCMTGIS II will import and export Shapefiles as well as let you collect GPS Feature data. It provides a Sheet View that lists the Feature data records in each Feature Topic layer.

PC-GIS 09 can convert raster images for use in iCMTGIS II. It also provides many useful mapping functions. In the article titled: “Digital Mapping Alternatives: GIS for the Busy Forester” of the June 2005 issue of the Journal of Forestry, PC-GIS is compared side-by-side with several GIS programs. PC-GIS is rated #1 for the level of functionality at an affordable price.

iCMTGIS II and PC-GIS 09 work with Feature Lists in which you can define Feature, Attributes and Values for data collection.

You can also digitize Points, Lines and Areas using iCMTGIS II or PC-GIS 09.


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