How come my iPod touch won’t connect to the XGPS150A GPS receiver?

The XGPS150A GPS receiver will pair with an Apple iOS device via Bluetooth.

First, make sure the GPS receiver has been recharged and will turn on.  The little blue light at the top should blink slowly indicating that Bluetooth is functioning.

Check to make sure that the tiny switch by the USB connection is pushed to the right side.

On your iOS device, select Settings and select Bluetooth. Tap on the ON/OFF switch so it displays ON.

The two devices will attempt to pair via Bluetooth. When your iOS device finds the GPS receiver it will show its name under Devices. Tap on the device name to complete the pairing.

When the devices are paired, the green GPS light on the GPS receiver will turn on when you turn on GPS within the CMT app you are using (such as iCMTGIS II, iGPS GIS II, etc.).

If you have multiple iOS devices, you must first unpair the GPS receiver from the paired iOS device. To do so, go to the Bluetooth setting screen again on your iOS device and tap on the paired device. Then tap on the displayed “Forget this device” button. Then you may pair the GPS receiver with another iOS device.

Sometimes the Bluetooth connection can get messed up and you will not be able to make the pairing. In that case, select Settings on your iOS device, select General then select Reset. Choose the “Reset All Settings” option, which will reset all settings but not erase your data. After the Bluetooth connection has been established, you will need to turn Location Service back on for GPS to work with the CMT app. The Location Service setting is under the Privacy setting.


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