I have about 600 acres that I need to grid sample on 2.5 acres grids. Is it possible to do this with an iphone?

1. If you just need to create the grid points on your iPhone, the Grid – Distance – Area app for iPhone can be a simple, low-cost solution.

The Grid – Distance – Area app will let you digitize the boundary of the 600  acres on top of the built-in Apple Map. It will create all the grid points when you specify the starting point and the 330 ft grid spacing. You can specify the grid orientation as well.

You can tap on a point to highlight it and see the GPS coordinates of that point. Your current location will be indicated by the GPS marker on the screen. You will move toward the highlighted grid point and reduce the distance between the GPS marker and the highlighted grid point. At that point, you will do your measurements and record them outside of this app.

2. Farming GPS GIS for iPad will let you do the following:

1) Create the grid points. (You may also import them from Shapefiles or a DXF file.)

2) Create a Line Feature connecting the grid points in the order that you want. You would create the line by snapping to each point in the order that you want.

3) Use the Point Stakeout function on the Line Feature to go to each point sequentially by pressing a button displayed in the app. The Point Stakeout function will continually display your distance and bearing with respect to the target grid point to help you reach the target.

4) You may add Attribute fields for your Grid Point Topic and be able to enter the sample data for each Grid Point.

At this time, this app is only available for the iPad

3. iGPSGIS II for iPhone will create the grid points and let you record the GPS position as well as the sample data at each point. It does not provide the Stakeout functions. It does provide a Sheet View that lists all the grid points. You may change the order of the grid points on the list. When you tap on a record in this Sheet View, the corresponding point will be highlighted on the map to let you know this is the point you want to go to. This app is mainly for GPS data collection and can import and export Shapefiles. The corresponding app for the iPad is called iCMTGIS II.


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