Do any of the apps have the ability to store a point and then tell me how far I am from that point?

“I’m looking for something that I can watch while I drive to the next location while doing x-sections for an as built.”

Our Farming GPSGIS app includes a Point Stakeout function and a Line Stakeout function among a number of other functions. You can use it to store one or more points, lines or areas. The Point Stakeout function will continually display your (GPS) position relative to the selected point or the select node on a line or area.

We have just released the Stakeout iCMT app, which will mainly provide the digitizing and stakeout functions and costs less.

You do need to check and see if the built-in GPS provides the accuracy that you require for your job.

At this time, there is still not an iPad/iPhone Bluetooth solution that will allow people to attach standard Bluetooth receivers to the iPad. The cable at this link could be used to interface the iPad to a high-precision receiver, but this is not the best solution.


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