How to import shapefiles into iPAD or iPhone

This is the most frequently asked question from new users, and we will repeat the answer here.

The steps are:

1. Sync your device with your PC/MAC via iTunes.

2. In iTunes select your device then select “Apps” . Scroll down to the Shared Documents section and select the iCMTGIS II or iGPSGIS II application.

3. You will see the files that are stored in the Documents folder for the app on your iPAD, including any Shapefiles files.

Click the Add button then select the files from your computer that are associated with your Shapefiles (*.shp, *.shx, *.dbf, *.prj). This will copy the files to the app’s Documents folder.

The names of the Shapefiles will need to be in lower-case letters and numbers. If not, please change the names to be in lower-case on your computer before copying the files to iTunes.

4. In iCMTGIS II or iGPSGIS II, select Menu then select Shapfile.
Select Import then select the name of your Shapefiles.

5. Please check the iCloud setting in your iCMTGIS II or iGPSGIS II app.

If the checkbox for “Job” is marked, please unmark it. Otherwise the app will look for the Shapefiles in iCloud instead of the local folder.


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