How to prepare a .PIM image file on PC-GIS?

You can use PC-GIS 09 to convert a geo-referenced raster image (*.TIF, *.JPG, *.SID, *.ECW) into the format that will work with the CMT GPS/GIS data collection app that runs on a Windows Mobile PDA, iPad or iPhone.

Following are the steps:

1. Click the Load Registered Photo/Image icon (the red letter L) on the toolbar then change to the directory (folder) containing your geo-referenced image file. Select the desired image file.

2. Select Utilities/Mobile Device Interface/Conversion then select CE Image Converter. (Ignore the message about mobile device not being connected.)

3. In the Photo/Image Converter dialog, you may choose to convert the entire map, or select a portion of it to convert. Suppose you choose to select an area by dragging a rectangle. Click the Drag Rectangle button then use your mouse to drag a rectangle covering the desired area.

4. Click the Next button. In the Photo/Image Preview dialog, enter a file name, then click the Go button. Ignore the error messages as they only relate to Windows CE devices. After your confirmation to continue, you should see your new .PIM file listed in the Image List for the active folder.

5. Sync your device with your PC/MAC via iTunes.

6. You should see an “Apps” tab across the top of the iTunes screen. Click on that tab then scroll down to the Shared Documents section and select the iCMTGIS II or iGPSGIS II application.

7. Click the Add button then select the .pim file from your computer. This will copy the file to the app’s Documents folder and make it available for use by the app.


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