Loading shapes into multiple iPads

“I am importing farm shapefiles. Can I share this info with another iPad or do I have to import them into each iPad seperately. I am moving hundreds of shapefiles into Farming GPS GIS, and I need to load several iPads. So, any solutions to save time would be very valuable.”

After you have imported one or more Shapefiles into the currently active job in Farming GPS GIS, you can save that job as a .pmp file. The .pmp file will contain all the Features imported from the imported Shapefiles.

You may copy the .pmp file to your PC then copy it to another iPad running the Farming GPS GIS app. All the Features will show up on the second iPad.

In this way, you can import all the Shapefiles into one or more jobs saved as .pmp files on one iPad and “clone” the same set of data for each of the other iPads by copying the .pmp files to those iPads.

This method applies to iCMTGIS II and iGPSGIS II as well.


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