Will I need to buy any other software in order to use the field data on my PC?

CMTGIS II and iGPSGIS II are apps for data collection. You can use them to record Attribute data for GPS Features or to digitized Points, Lines and Areas. You can import and export Shapefiles.  They display the built-in Apple Map as background map. You can view the recorded position and attribute data on the CMTGIS II and iGPSGIS II. You can also measure distances and areas.

The collected data will usually go into a back-end program on your desk-top computer for further processing, analysis, and printing a map. Some users export the data in Shapefile format to be used with an ESRI mapping program. Some users purchase the PC-GIS 09 software program for the same purpose and at a much lower price.

PC-GIS 09 is a mapping program that can work with field data collected using a Windows Mobile PDA, an iPad, an iPhone, or a CMT GPS data collector running a CMT GPS/GIS data collection software program. It can accept Shapefiles output by other software programs. It can also let you capture a geo-referenced Google Earth image to use as the background map. It provides other functions such as digitizing and the ability to join Points into Lines or Areas, or disconnect Lines and Areas into Points. It can also be used to set up user-defined coordinate systems, or to prepare background images for off-line use with iCMTGIS-II or iGPSGIS II. In addition, PC-GIS PRO will let you print a map that includes acreage, Feature Attributes and a Feature classification key.

We provide a complimentary one-year CMT GIS Training software license with your purchase of the PC-GIS 09 software license. This is a voice-based training program that shows you the process of collecting field data as well as completing and printing a map of your project.


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