Navigating to points using iCMTGIS II or iGPSGIS II

“If I have series of Lat and Longs that I want to physically mark in  field is it possible to enter those on the ipad and then go find them?  If so how?”

1. You can create a Topic of Point type and use the Add Point manually tool to add a Point Feature.

Tap on the Point Feature then tap on the Feature Properties tool. On the Coordinates page, enter the Lat and Lon for this point.

Confirm the screen and go back to to add one or more points by tapping in Map View in the vicinity of the first point. Then edit the coordinates of each point as appropriate.

2. The fast way is to use your PC-GIS PRO to create these points then transfer the .pmp job to your iCMTGIS II or iGPSGIS II for use in the field.

In PC-GIS PRO, you can add the Lat Lon as Attributes for the Point Topic so these fields will display in Sheet View, and you can just edit the values in Sheet View.

3. iCMTGIS II and iGPSGIS II do not provide dedicated navigation functions, but you can use the GPS marker in the apps to help you approach each point displayed in the Map View.

Stakeout iCMT is a separate app that will continually show the current distance between you and the target and display how far in which direction you should go to reach the stake location or where the treasure is hidden for geo-caching.


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