Use GPS to Avoid Forbidden Areas

Suppose there is an area on your farm or property that you don’t want to drive over with your tractor. Or, suppose there is a particular region in a woodland that you wish to avoid.

There are a couple ways to let your iPhone or iPad with GPS help you stay out of such “forbidden” areas. As consumer-grade GPS receivers do not have high position accuracy, you should not rely on them for critical applications.

1. Digitize the Area Feature by using one of the following CMTINC.COM apps:

iCMTGIS II or Farming GPS GIS for iPad

iGPSGIS II for iPhone

Stakeout iCMT, Area – Distance, Grid – Distance – Area, Buffer – Distance – Area, or Partition – Distance – Area for iPad or iPhone.

Turn on GPS and keep an eye on the screen to make sure the GPS marker does not enter the digitized Area Feature.

2. With the Stakeout iCMT app or the Farming GPS GIS app, you can set up the Line Stakeout function to pop up a warning message and/or issue a warning beep when you get within a specified distance from the border of the forbidden area.


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