Cruise Angle iCMT app for iPhone, iPod and iPad released

The Tree is IN!

The Tree is IN!

Bring your iPhone, iPod or iPad, and leave your angle gauges behind.

We are pleased to announce the release of the Cruise Angle iCMT app for the Apple iPad, iPod and iPhone. This app will turn the iPad, iPod or iPhone into an angle gauge for selecting sample trees for timber cruising.

When using the point sampling method for timber inventory, the forester or small woodland owner first determines a suitable Basal Area Factor (BAF) for the timber stand. Then the corresponding angle gauge is used to select the sample trees. At each sampling point, the trees are scanned through the opening of the angle gauge. Any tree that completely fills the opening is deemed a sample tree. Instead of bringing along a few angle gauges, one could just use the Cruise Angle iCMT app on the iOS device to pick the sample trees. The app will automatically compute the basal area per acre for the sample point.

Function highlights for Cruise Angle iCMT:

* Work with Metric and English measurement units.

* Calibrate the gauge or enter the camera FOV angle value.

* Change the color and transparency of the on-screen angle gauge.

* Select from a list of commonly used BAF values.

* Tally the sample trees for the occupied point.

* View the Basal Area per Acre for the occupied point.

* Check borderline trees based on limiting distance calculation.

* Calculate the actual stem length of a leaning tree.

* Convert between horizontal distance and slope distance.

* Measure distances on the displayed Map.

* Measure an area on the displayed Map.

The Node Tool in this app will let the user drop nodes precisely to delineate a line or an area to view the measurement value. One could also add the GPS location as a node for determining distance or area.

This app is now available from the iTunes App Store.


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